Bouncing Back From Superstorm Sandy

Bouncing Back From Superstorm Sandy

DSC03581_web_1Superstorm Sandy was a weather event that left the coastal northeast devastated and temporarily paralyzed.

To bounce back from the devastation it took a collective effort from different sources to get things back to the status quo.

Immediate action was needed and James R. Ientile Inc. was a part of the effort along the beaches of the borough Manasquan, New Jersey.

James R. Ientile Inc. leads the beach cleanup in Massaquan, NJ with the Chieftan 2100S below

The large 5′ x 20′ high G force screen on the Chieftain 2100S made short work of the project

Operating out of Marlboro, New Jersey, James R. Ientile Inc. is a family owned business that has been around for 65 years. James R. Ientile Inc. does general construction, heavy highway work and specializes in earth work.

Ientile was awarded the job of screening and replenishing the beaches of Manasquan. To process the sand they needed a materials handling solution that allowed them to screen the sand from debris and unwanted particles. To solve their issue Ientile called upon Emerald Equipment Systems. Emerald provided them with the Chieftan 2100S, a 5’ x 20’ track screening plant that made short work of the 50,000 ton job. The project was completed in less than 3 weeks, which was way ahead of schedule.

This was Ientile’s first experience with this machine and it has exceeded their expectations and has lived up to its advertised prowess.


A dozer was used to spread the sand back
onto the beach after it was screened


The extra long side conveyor belts on the
Chieftain load directly into a haul truck

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