Emerald Helps Kelco Create a Better Soil Option for Landscape Installations

Emerald Helps Kelco Create a Better Soil Option for Landscape Installations
High Line

Kelco’s Work at the High Line in NYC

As of late New York City has been walking the path of environmental renewal, a path that recognizes the city’s need for more green space. The addition of this green space may not be enough for the city to shed the moniker “concrete jungle” but it will be enough to provide residents with an aesthetically pleasing patch of paradise. A lot of these green spaces will be created from scratch, transforming former eye sores into useful parks and fields.

To turn the vision of a greener NYC into a reality, elite landscaping companies such as Kelco Landscaping and Construction have been a key component. Formed over 40 years ago, Kelco Landscaping and Construction has consistently provided the New York metropolitan region and the surrounding area with quality service to municipal, commercial and residential projects. Kelco specializes in complex high profile logistical landscape installations in difficult urban environments. Whether it’s a multi-acre site like Citi Field, environmental renewal projects such as the Brooklyn Bridge Park and the Hudson River Park or the green space at the High Line, Kelco can find a solution to bring a client’s vision to life.

The green spaces at the High Line, the Hudson River Park and the Brooklyn Bridge Park are some notable additions to Kelco’s portfolio. The High Line is a challenging project that has managed to conserve the history of NYC by preserving the historic elevated freight line above the streets of western Manhattan. Kelco has managed to overcome the difficulty of the elevated work place that is the High Line and has installed 800 trees and shrubs, 52,000 perennials and grasses and 4,160 cubic yards of soil mixes. Both the Hudson River Park and Brooklyn Bridge Park are projects that have turned old inactive waterfront properties into sites with aesthetic and recreational value. To add to the value of these sites Kelco Landscaping and Construction lend their talents to the projects. At the Hudson River Park Kelco has managed to be the premier landscape installer for the five-mile park that stretches from Battery Place to 59th St. For the Brooklyn Bridge Park installation Kelco has installed all water play equipment which includes an automatic mechanical plumbing and electrical system and automatic UV/sand water filtration systems. Along with these systems there is a playground as well as 400 tons of landscape boulders, trees, shrubs, perennials, seed and sod.

With their landscape installations Kelco has engineered soil options that have put them ahead of the rest. The offering of engineered soil from Kelco assists in the effort of keeping these green spaces green. Kelco’s use of their specially engineered soils allows plants to become self sustaining with the minerals they need for growth and overall health. This omits the need for fertilizers and other additives which can further pollute the waterways via toxic run off.

Phoenix 2100To assist with the proper screening and blending of the engineered soils Kelco recently purchased a Powerscreen Phoenix 2100 trommel screen from Emerald Equipment Systems. The Phoenix trommel features a large 6’ x 21’ adjustable speed drum with direct wheel drive allowing the drum to be quickly swapped out for one with different aperture meshes should different products be required. The unit also features a 180 degree radial fines conveyor, oversize conveyor, mesh cleaning brushes and a large service friendly engine compartment.

The optional vibrating grid fitted on the Kelco unit above the feed hopper protects the trommel drum by scalping large oversize material that could blow out the meshes. With the Phoenix 2100 dialed in correctly, Kelco is producing a high specification engineered soil at a high production rate of up to 150 yards per hour.

For more information on Kelco Landscaping and Construction you can call them at 631-462-2952 or visit them on the web at http://kelcoland.com/

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