Envirowaste C&D Sorting System

Envirowaste C&D Sorting System

CRS with local partners Emerald Equipment Systems & Neustarr Equipement have recently installed a complete C&D screening and sorting system at Envirowaste’s new C&D processing facility in the heart of Philadelphia.

The bespoke system was installed following a detailed consultation process over several months with challenges such as the tight footprint available within the building and the wide variation in feed stock being of primary concern said Envirowaste management and engineers.

The System:

Material from the tipping floor is fed into to a low level feed hopper via an excavator, the feeder is an heavy steel apron design that eliminates the costs associated with ripped belt on traditional feeders. A VFD fitted to the apron feeder allows Envirowaste to accurately meter the feed to the screen and sorting system ensuring maximum efficiency to remove fines and recover recyclables during picking as the feed material changes throughout the day.

From the feeder the material is transferred via an incline conveyor to a 2 deck 6’ x 20’ incline screen. The screenbox is a triple shaft incline design which generates massive G forces at ¾” throw to aggressively separate the material and keep in flowing down the screen. Modular fingers are fitted on the top deck that aid with separation on the 4” plus material from the fines that are further separated to 1.5” minus on the bottom deck. The screenbox is designed to be low maintenance and operator friendly with oil bath bearings with 1000 hours service intervals and a massive 24” of clearance between the shafts and both deck screen media.

The oversize material from the screenbox enters the sorting station the 5 bay picking station consists for 4 doubled sided manual sorting and a magnet bay. The unique aspect of the sorting is that it is fully contained within a cabin structure with its own lighting, heating and air conditioning thereby protecting staff from the elements and the dust.

The whole system was designed on a modular basis to minimize installation time on site complete with pre wired “plug and play” electrics that connected directly into the control panel.

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