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System Components

  • Description

    • Decanter feeding pump
    • Clean water Pumps
    • Automatic flocculant station
    • Automatic washing system for filter screens
    • Centrifugal pump for filterpress feeding
    • Flocculant analyzer
    • PH measuring device

    Turnkey Sludge Management Systems

    A) Slurry from the washing process collects in a sump tank and is pumped to the Decanter Clarifier tanks
    B) Prepared flocculant is injected into the slurry before entry to the tank, promoting faster separation rates
    C) Flocculated slurry separates with the heavier sludge particles falling to the bottom of the tank
    D) Clean water overflows into the clarified water tank for recycling through the system
    E) Thickened sludge flows into a holding tank before being pumped to the filter press for further compaction & dehydration

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