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Matec(R) HPT Plate Filterpress

  • Description

    Matec® Plate Filter Press
    Matec® manufactures several different types of plate press from side beam to overhead beam with various capacities ranging with each
    The side beam plate press is the most common in the industry with easier maintenance, simple yet high capacity systems yielding faster cycle times with drier cakes and a more cost effective solution

    Filter Press Cycle
    A plate filter press contains a mainframe, polyurethane plates, single or dual piston, opening & shaking system The polyurethane plates have a recessed chamber, single feed port, dual drainage ports and are covered by filter cloths. The plates are pressed together with hydraulic rams under high pressure
    The HP sludge pump fills the void spaces between each plate and forces the water to filter through the cloths and exit the press into a trough for recycling
    The silt & clay solids are held in the recessed chamber between each plate until the water has drained and a dry silt cake is produced. The press automatically opens and the cakes are discharged

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