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Matec® Waste Water Treatment & Silt Management Systems

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    Matec® are one of the fastest growing, technologically advanced filter press manufacturers with over 1000 installations worldwide and 5 manufacturing and spare parts facilities. Installing a Matec® system ensures optimum plant efficiency, maximum water return and reduced silt handling & disposal costs

    EME® & Matec® offer solutions for a range of industries including: Coal, Ore, Quarry & Aggregate, Stone Cutting, Glass, Readymix and Cement

    Slurry arising from these processes is sent to a Decanter for primary clarification and sludge separation. The concentrated sludge is sent to a Filter Press to produce dehydrated silt cakes and recover the remaining system water

    By introducing sludge management technology to your processing system you will:
    • Reduce the environmental impact of your operations
    • Eliminate settlement ponds
    • Reduce cleanup costs
    • Maximise recycled water from the washing & classifying plant
    • Reduce health & safety risks on site
    • Reduce the operational footprint required to accommodate your processing plant

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