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Terex Ecotec TWT500 Windrow Turner

  • Description

    The TEE ® TWT 500 with optimized features for economic efficiency and performance, is the ideal windrow turner for operators who recycle great amounts of waste in confined spaces. This windrow turner provides the best possible control of the composting process, which makes for an economically-friendly operation. The TWT 500 is a powerful machine that mixes the compost material with a rotor at low speed up front and discharging it behind the machine as an aerated, bulked and well-mixed end product. Short turning times, gentle mixing of the bulking material, improved aeration and bulked redepositing in confined spaces result in short rotting times, thus saving money for machine owners. The TWT 500 is powered by a John Deere turbo-diesel engine that operates at 328 hp p>

Features & Benefits
  • Quick set up time typically under 15 minutes
  • High capacity
  • Self propelled turning machine
  • Triangulr and trapezoidal windrows
  • Reversible fluid cooling fan
  • Hydrostatic drive turning roll
  • Cabin lift mechanism
  • Air conditioner
  • Protective ventilation
  • Rubber track gear with steel reinforcement
  • Remote control tipping grid 4” or 6"
  • CAT C4.4 Tier IV Final variable speed
  • Auxiliary oil supply connection
  • Feeder belt 47” 3 ply chevron , 5 + 1.5 covers
  • Independent auxiliary oil supply
  • Woven mesh heavy duty
  • Punch plate mesh (Minimum aperature 3/8") (10mm)
  • Side stacking left or right hand
Rotor Options
13’ Rotor: Weight7,055lbs
Width / Length / Height14’ 3” / 5’ 9” / 8’ 5”
16’ Rotor: Weight8,378lbs
Width / Length / Height18’ 12” / 8’ 4” / 10’ 12”

Specification Table
Working length11’'8"
Working width8'2"
Working height11'2"

* All information subject to machine configurations & specifications ordered.

** Terex Ecotec reserves the right to change specifications without prior notice.

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