Closed Loop Water & Silt Management Systems

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Emerald Equipment provide a complete Water & Silt Mgt solution to complement your existing on new washing process
The solution can be installed in phases depending on the site / customer requirements.  Phase 1:  Water Management ie recycle the slurry water from the washing process to produce clean, silt free water which can be reused back in the plant.  This enables the user to wash all year*, even with a limited / contaminated supply of water.  Phase 2:  Silt Management ie filtering the concentrated mud particles to produce dry stackable mud cakes, eliminate holding / settling ponds completely and recover the maximum amount of water from the process

How does the Process work?

  1. Slurry from the washing process collects in a sump tank and is pumped to the Thickener & Clarifier tank

  2. Prepared flocculant is injected into the slurry before entry to the tank, promoting faster separation rates

  3. Flocculated slurry separates with the heavier sludge particles falling to the bottom of the tank

  4. Clean water overflows into the clarified water tank for recycling through the system

  5. Thickened sludge gravity flows into a mud holding tank

  6. Mud is pumped to the filter press at high pressure for further compaction & dehydration