TS 36-140 Aggstack

PRODUCT TYPE: Telescopic Conveyor

VENDOR: Telestack

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The Telestack radial telescopic conveyor is one of the most cost efficient and effective way of stockpiling material on the market. The reduction of segregation, degradation, contamination and compaction when stockpiling ensures ‘in specification’ material for any application. The radial telescopic conveyors cater for a complete range of applications and industries. They offer 30% more stockpile capacity on the same footprint when stockpiling in a trapezoidal shape compared using standard conveyors. 

    • Up to 15” feed material
    • 42” x 100’ belt
    • CAT 130hp water cooled engine
    • Telescopic winch
    • Heavy duty structural steel, hydraulic folding, gull wing style radial arms for radial travel
    • Heavy duty tracks
    • Tapered dead box style feed boot for handling of material
    • Lattice frame design inner & outer conveyor
    • 2 x hydraulic motors and gearboxes for increased torque
    • Up to 15” feed material
    • Fully automatic PLC stockpiling program
    • Fully mobile track / wheel for unrivalled mobility onsite
    • Integrated generator for fully independent unit
    • Radio remote control operation
    • Dust suppression measures
    • Fully sealed feed-in / transfer and discharge points
    • Feed boot liners
    Specification Table
    TCL 100
    Weight (Est) 66,140lbs
    Transport width 11’10”
    Transport length 93’7”
    Transport height 13’9”
    Stockpile capacity 61,888yd3 / 83,278t

    * All information subject to machine configurations & specifications ordered.

    ** Telestack reserves the right to change specifications without prior notice.