Concrete Washout & Recovery

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The washout system is designed to recover the saleable aggregate, recycle the water and reduce the concrete washout waste by 80%.

Settlement pits are completely eliminated, as is the costly rehandling and crushing of the waste material by implementing the turnkey washout system.  The systems are eco-friendly, low maintenance and fully automated.

One of the major benefits aside from recovering the aggregate materials, is that the system does not require any flocculant to bind the particles together

Concrete Washout Process

  • Water is added to the Unused concrete in the readymix trucks
  • The material is discharged into a Separator system which prewashes the materials ready to reuse back in the mix
  • Grey (cementitious) water from the separation process is transferred to a holding tank
  • The grey water is pumped up to a plate press where it is filtered leaving dehydrated solids cakes
  • The filtered water from the process is utilized back in the cleanout process for the trucks


  • ph neutralizer which allows the water to reach an appropriate ph level to be reused back into the concrete mix 
  • Dewatering screen to size and rinse the aggregate product
  • Multi dump systems - discharge multiple trucks into the Separator