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        SandMAX delivers precise classification to produce SPEC C33 concrete sand

        SandMAX delivers precise classification to produce SPEC C33 concrete sand

        “Without the SandMAX we would not have been able to meet production demands nor meet the tight C33 concrete spec” said Tom from Whit Sand & Gravel

        Whit Sand & Gravel are a substantial player in the Aggregates business producing washed spec sand & gravels.  After a plant overhaul which lead to an increase in production, the existing sand screws were proving to be the limiting factor in the process. 

        The sandscrews were already loosing a portion of saleable sand to the pond prior to the plant overhaul.  After this upgrade, the sandscrews were overwhelmed and were working at less than 85% efficiency.  It meant for every 100tons sent to the sand screw, 15 tons of this ended up in the pond. 

        The knockon affect was the multi bay pond system was filling up too quickly with lost sand, silts and clays which inhibited natural settling of the particles to produce clean water.  The water which was sent back to the Washplant was dirty and caused the nozzles to block up and throw the washed material out of spec.  The ponds had to be cleaned out on a more frequent basis to prevent this from happening thus occurring more cleanout and maintenance costs.  The plant also had to be shut down during some periods of pond cleanout which resulted in lost revenue for the company.

        The customer replaced the screw with a SandMAX 250 single grade to produce spec C33 concrete sand.   The plant delivered a consistent 240tons / hour with less than 10% moisture in the final product thanks to the galvanized DuraMAX dewatering screen.  The plant boasts a small footprint, quick setup and high production with maximum efficiency.

        For more information please contact us directly

        Cleaning up with SiltMAX Filter Press

        Cleaning up with SiltMAX Filter Press

        Emerald Equipment's recently installed and commissioned a full recycling silt management plant in Long Island NY. 

        Custom Earth Recycling a long standing customer of Emerald's had wanted to incorporate a silt management system which would process the concentrated mud from their water treatment plant

        Emerald's solution was a SiltMAX Plate Filter Press designed to work at higher pressure to produce consistent dry, stackable silt cakes.  The varying silt, clay and gradation of the screened 

        MAX Expert Washing Equipment LAUNCH

        MAX Expert Washing Equipment LAUNCH

        Emerald Equipment Systems are proud to launch the LATEST lineup of Custom Washing Equipment for the North American market.  The MAX product range has been designed to offer maximum application flexibility and the modular design ensures quick and easy siteup reducing heavy installation costs

        The MAX range includes

        • SandMAX Sandplants - Single or dual grade sandplants designed to produce low moisture, market ready spec sand
        • SandMAX PreWash - specifically for dirty or heavily contaminated sand where a single wash would not be sufficient
        • UltraMAX Sandplants - recovers saleable material lost with a sandscrew and any above 400mesh.  Reduce ponds maintenance and cleanout
        • ScreenMAX - full range of wet or dry Incline and Horizontal screens fitted interchangeable mesh / pu media options
        • ScrubMAX - modular logwasher designed to scrub stone to remove impurities.  Suitable for both quarry and recycling applications
        • WaterMAX - modular water management plants offered in both Deep Cone and Rake Style options depending on applications requirements
        • SiltMAX - plate Filter Press plants designed for Recycling, Quarry and Concrete industries.  Various sizes

        Emerald also offer a full range of Belt Feed Hoppers, Feed Conveyors, Generators, Stockpilers and much more