Filter Press Cloths

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Emerald offer a wide range of Filter Cloths in both standard (1m, 1.3m, 1.5m & 2m) and custom sizes.

Filter Cloths come in many shapes, sizes and fabric types – which is why it is critical to pick the right filter cloth for your application.  Some applications have high clay contents so the filter cloth must be designed to prevent mud build up on the cloths.   The size of press and the operating pressure are also critical factors to consider in the cloth type – higher filter pump operating pressures requiring a stronger cloth weave to achieve expert filtration and produce dry silt cakes.

Cloth Options:
  • Top / Middle / Bottom filtering hole
  • High pressure cloths suitable for HPT pumps
  • Cloths for Recycle, Sand & Gravel and Quarry applications
  • Options to suit various plate sizes and chamber thickness
  • Options to suit Membrane and Recessed chamber plates