Flipflow Screen


VENDOR: Neuenhauser

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The flip-flow screen has proven its worth in classing particularly difficult materials, from plaster and garden wastes to domestic and bulky waste. This screen technology, often successfully used in the area of composting as well, can handle wet and sticky residual materials without clogging and minimise the cleaning effort considerably. Continuous even and high screen quality makes the flip-flow screen a mobile high-performance machine for highly demanding tasks in preparation.

The wave-like movement of the screen surface that is produced by opposite movements of the two frames is characteristic for the flip-flow screen. It produces a high acceleration that strongly loosens up the screened material. This effect is also called the trampoline effect. The flip-flow screen is also called a flip-flop screen because of its characteristic movements.

The flip-flow screening machine by Neuenhauser, available as a practical 2F semi-trailer, has a mechanically folding supply belt for simple and quick inspection or replacement of the important screen mats.

      Specification Table
      Flip Flow Screen
      Weight 46,300lbs
      Transport width
      Transport length 40' 9"
      Transport height 13’ 1”
      Working width
      Working length 49' 2"
      Working height 13’ 1”
      Screenunit 16.5' x 5'

      * All information subject to machine configurations & specifications ordered.

      ** Neuenhauser reserves the right to change specifications without prior notice.