SandMAX 150 Sandplant

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    SandMAX™ range are modular sand washing and classification units which are energy and cost efficient on a single modular chassis. The sandplants utilize centrifugal force within the cyclones to remove silts, clay and slimes from the sand slurry to produce a clean specification.   

    Modular design enables fast setup time onsite with minimal footprint.  Precise classification within the cyclones allows maximum recovery of all saleable material reducing pond maintenance and cleanout costs


    • Linatex rubber lined slurry pump
    • Linatex rubber lined cyclones
    • Self regulating cyclone tank
    • High frequency Galvanized dewatering screen fitted with polyurethane modular mats
    • Maximum recovery of material above 200 mesh
    • Low moisture final product
    • Blending capability to enhance sand specification
    • Market ready spec sand
    • Can accept a dry or wet feed slurry
    • Gravity fed from ScreenMAX to reduce installation costs
    • Dirty water can be gravity fed to a WaterMAX water management system without  inground sumps / pumps
    • Setup to accept and produce 1 or 2 grades of spec sand
    • Can be configured to PreWash Sand & produce spec sand product*


    • Control panel with additional starters and remote diagnostics
    • Separator Cyclones
    • Ultra fines cyclones to cut material at 400mesh
    • Plant can be configured to PreWash material 

    Feed in height 8'
    Screenbox size 12'
    Working length 24'
    Working width 12'
    Working height 18'