TCL 100 Conveyor

PRODUCT TYPE: Track Conveyor

VENDOR: Telestack

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The Telestack range of track mounted conveyors is the ideal solution for material handling requirements in the crushing, screening and organics markets. The mobility and flexibility of the stockpiling conveyors reduces / eliminates to use of a wheel loader on site; Reduces fuel, labor and maintenance costs by up to 80% and Reduces contamination in stockpiled material due to less material handling.
The range of stackers ensures all applications are catered for from heavy duty primary jaw crushing applications to light duty screening applications.
    • Output Potential: up to 330 US tph
    • 42” x 100’ belt
    • CAT 100hp water cooled engine
    • Front and rear adjustable telescopic to obtain desired discharge or feed in height
    • Engine protection shutdown
    • Counter weight built into feed boot area to give integral strength and stability in working position
    • Hydraulic folding tail / head section
    • 9’ 4” x 13” dual speed shoe tracks
    • Triple pump hydraulic system
    • Hydraulic folding tail
    • Bolt in feedboot liners
    • Side skirting & Dust Suppression
    • Belt weigher
    • Adjustable feed gate
    • Feedboot Flared / straight extensions
    • Overband magnet
    • Anti roll back measures
    Specification Table
    TCL 100
    Weight (Est) 33,070lbs
    Transport width 9’4”
    Transport length (head & tail folded) 43’3”
    Transport length (head folded) 65’9”
    Transport height ( head & tail folded) 11’6”
    Transport height (head folded) 10’
    Discharge height 47’10”
    Stockpile capacity 5,240yd3 / 7,060t

    * All information subject to machine configurations & specifications ordered.

    ** Telestack reserves the right to change specifications without prior notice.