Bifloc - Automatic Flocculant Station



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Matec allows a fast and automatic dilution of the powder in water for the perfect reaction of the flocculant in turbid water.
Thanks to the 2/3 tanks the perfect maturation of the product is guaranteed in order to activate all the electric charges speeding up the decantation reaction and significantly reducing the consumption, guaranteeing water with suspended solids below 80 ppm/mgl.  Perfect dilution  -  Fast decantation  -  Clean waters


The Cocly is the automatic powder metering accessory. It adjusts the powder automatically and it starts the water inlet valve and the pale stirrer. Cocly produce up to 50,000 liters of product without stopping and it is completely autonomous. Cocly is fully made of stainless steel and includes a Hopper, Screw metering pump and regulator which efficiently controls the flocc consumption
The accessories of the metering plants make the setup process even more complete and automatic by reducing the consumption of the product and eliminating the need for an operator.


Doson is a photocell-based system patented by MATEC for monitoring and adjusting the flocculant according to the amount of suspended solid particles in the water. The Doson system regularly takes few samples of the sludge and analyzes them in a closed chamber by using electronic sensors. It adjusts the dose of the product according to the materials it contains and also the decantation speed in that specific time of the cycle.
DOSON reduces the consumption of flocculant by 30% and it is fully automatic, no operator needed.


             ***  Various sizes available depending on application requirements ***