Deep Cone Silo

PRODUCT TYPE: Water Management


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    A Deep Cone Silo is both a Water Clarifier and a Mud Thickener in one.

    They are based on the principle of static decantation with no moving parts and boasting a minimal footprint.

    The head pressure created by the Deep Cone and cylinder section allows the flocculated slurry to reach a higher percentage of solids (ie thicker mud) than that of a standard rake thickener.  Once the thickened slurry (mud) reaches its optimum density, an automatic valve opens at bottom of the cylinder allowing it to gravity flow to the next process.

    Clarified water is clean, silt free and can be utilized immediately within the washing process.  The thickeners can be employed as a standalone system for clarification purposes only or as a complete system within a silt management process

    Emerald Thickeners are offered in both primed and stainless steel construction which increases wear life and prevents mud buildup along the side walls


    • Stainless steel construction
    • Water Clarifier & Mud thickener in one
    • 85-90% water recovery
    • Optimum control over mud density
    • No extraction pump required 
    • Minimal footprint