FloccMAX Flocculant Stations

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    FloccMAX Bifloc is a fully automatic system for the preparation, dosing and metering of flocculant during the waste water treatment process.   It expedites the process of the separation of the slurry (dirty water from washplant) into clean recyclable water and waste solids.

    The flocculant dosing rate is continually monitored within the process to ensure optimum settlement rates even with varying silt content via the DOSON option thus eliminating the need for a supervisory operator

    The stainless steel modular FloccMAX tanks can be incorporated into existing water recycling plants or used as standalone systems

    Features & Benefits of the system

    • FloccMAX Bilfoc guarantees a 30% average product saving and perfectly clarified water
    • The skid mounted system reduces installations costs
    • Easily relocated with minimal footprint
    • Fully automated system which reduces operating and maintenance costs
    • Suitable for Sand & Gravel, Quarry and Mining applications


    • Polyurethane construction with inspection covers
    • Various models and sizes dependent on application requirements
    • Integrated Coagulant (pre flocc) tank
    • Dual dosing pumps for separate feeds
    • DOSON system to automatically control the flocc dosage rate
    • Pre plumbed and prewired modular control cabins – drop and go