TC421R Aggregate Conveyor

PRODUCT TYPE: Track Conveyor

VENDOR: Telestack

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Telestack offer the widest range of Tracked Radial Stockpiling Conveyors in the industry: lengths from 15m (50ft) to 31m (101ft), tonnages of 100 tph up to 1500tph and lump sizes up to 300mm (12”).

The mobility and flexibility of the stockpiling conveyors reduces / eliminates to use of a wheel loader on site; Reduces fuel, labor and maintenance costs by up to 80% and Reduces contamination in stockpiled material due to less material handling.

    • Output Potential: up to 440 US tph
    • 42” x 70’ belt radial conveyor
    • Deutz 38hp air cooled engine
    • Raised hexagonal feedboot to reduce spillage
    • Heavy duty structural steel radial arms
    • Hydraulic folding tail / head section
    • 6’ x 16” heavy duty tracks tracks
    • Larger stockpile capacity over std non radials
    • Suitable for barge loading
    • Hydraulic tail section height adjustment while maintaining head drum height
    • Dual power ( electric driven belts)
    • All electric conveyor
    • Radio remote control
    • Upgrades for 0-12” material
    • Dust covers / Suppression
    • Belt weighers
    • Feedboot extensions
    • Anti roll back measures
    Specification Table
    Weight (Est) 34,835lbs
    Transport width 8' 4”
    Transport length (head folded) 50’3”
    Transport height ( head folded) 10'
    Discharge height 28’11”
    Stockpile capacity 9,982yd3 / 13,460t

    * All information subject to machine configurations & specifications ordered.

    ** Telestack reserves the right to change specifications without prior notice.