DOSON - Automatic Flocculant Dosing

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    FloccMAX DOSON is an automated system which constantly adjusts the flocculant dosage rate depending upon the quantity of silt in the slurry feed. 

    Materials such as natural sand & gravel would typically have higher or varying silt rates compared to a quarry feed material.  

    Flocculant is injected into the dirty water from the sand washing process before it enters a thickening tank.  The DOSON takes a sample of this flocculated slurry at predetermined intervals to ensure optimal particles / water separation is occurring.  If the injection rate needs adjusted this will be done automatically by the system

    Features & Benefits of the system

    • FloccMAX DOSON ensures only the required amount of flocculant is utilized during the process
    • Fully automated system which reduces operating and maintenance costs by adjusting the dosing rate
    • Realtime analysis of slurry material
    • Can be integrated into existing or standalone water management systems to compliment the process
    • Suitable for Sand & Gravel, Quarry and Mining applications


    • Standalone or integrated with FloccMAX
    • Multi configurations for dual slurry feeds