Sand Screws

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    Gator SandScrews provide a simple and cost efficient solution to your sand washing needs. Available with single or twin screws, to achieve the cleaner product in higher capacities. Adjustable weir and water volumes allowable maximum control over fines enabling a more efficient method to clean and reduce the silts in the end product


    • Heavy duty welded tub
    • Ribbon type, continuous one piece auger
    • Overlapping shoes for auger protection
    • Greaseable lower bearing assembly
    • Heavy duty gearbox
    • Oil bath gear box lubrication
    • Fully enclosed gear
    • Standard mounting legs

    Screw Type TPH GPM HP
    3625 Single 50-100 180-700 15
    3625 Double 100-200 350-1250
    15 x 2
    4432 Single 175 360-1300
    4432 Double 350 700-2400 25 x 2