PRODUCT TYPE: Track Conveyor

VENDOR: Terex Ecotec

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Ecotec's TSC 100T Tracked Conveyor builds on the hugely successful TSC 65T and TSC 80T conveyors.  The increased conveyor length and power allows for maximum mobility and flexibility, reducing or eliminating the use of wheeled loaders onsite.  The TSC 100T can cope with all applications and although 100ft long it still has the ability to be transported globally in a 40ft container.

Features & Benefits
  • Hydraulic folding head section
  • Pinless deployment
  • Compact folding mechanism allows containerized shipping
  • Dual-speed tracks for quick and controlled deployment
  • Fully protected power unit with easy access for service and maintenance.

    Stage 3A: CAT C4.4 83kW (111hp)

    Tier 4F: CAT C4.4 82kW (110hp)

    Stage V: CAT C2.2 55kW (73hp)**

    Fuel tank volume: 220L (58 US GAL)

  • Steel lined feedboot as standard providing extended wear life. Feedboot extensions and rubber lined options also available.
  • Hydraulic folding tail section
  • Impact rollers as standard
Specification Table
Conveyor Length
98'10" / 30.1m
Belt Width
42" / 1,050mm
Max Discharge Height
42'12" / 13.1m

* All information subject to machine configurations & specifications ordered.

** ECOTEC reserves the right to change specifications without prior notice.