CBI 5400BT Downswing Grinder

PRODUCT TYPE: Horizontal Grinder


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 The CBI Magnum Force 5400BT is a next-generation horizontal grinder from CBI that allows owners to select from five different field-swappable rotors to accommodate changing materials and processing demands. This unique design provides the flexibility to process an exceptionally wide variety of materials and generate the products that your clients demand – all with a single machine. To further its unique design, the PT Tech hydraulic PTO and hydraulic engagement replaces the need for a clutch.

    Features & Benefits
    • Quick set up time typically under 15 minutes
    • High capacity
    • Downswing grinder
    • Forged 48” x 40” rotor with offset-helix hammer pattern
    • Bolt on reversible tips
    • Split hog box for ease of maintenance and screen change
    • Bolt in replaceable hardox liners in hog box
    • 48” wide discharge belt
    • High ground clearance
    • Remote operated
    • Metal Detection System
    • Hog chamber heavy duty reinforced
    • Optional apron feeder
    • PT Tech hydraulic PTO and hydraulic engagement
    • Dual speed tracks
    • CAT C18 765hp engine
    Specification Table
    Weight 70-76,000lbs
    Transport length 39’11”
    Transport width 8’4”
    Transport height 12’3”
    Rotor Size 48” (width)
    Rotor Size 40” (Dia)
    Engine CAT C18 765hp
    Discharge height 15’10”

    * All information subject to machine configurations & specifications ordered.

    ** CBI reserves the right to change specifications without prior notice.